How to do fake bank alert in India 2024

Guiding you on How to do fake bank alert in India, How to flash bank account in India, flash funds in Australia, how to flash funds into available balance of indian Bank Account and other countries without problems,

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Flash Funds, Carding software, Fake alert risks and how to avoid them, learn how to do it all here if that’s what you have been looking for.

For years small businesses in Nigeria have been ravaged by the controversial fake bank alert or as some preferably called “fake alert or Flash Funds” and it makes one wonder how this happens,

Well, if you are one of those that have been wondering how those scammers carry out such dastardly acts on small businesses or freelancers making them loose huge amounts of money for their services they supposed to receive genuine payment only for them to get scammed and they loose their hard earned money, even small businesses or Point of money (POS) operators falling victim is also another ongoing issue for the community of point of sale operators.

How to do fake bank alert

This has been on the news about how fake bank alert scammers puts small businesses at risk always and to this date,

Recent account on how a business man in Abuja market suffered significant loss due to the fake bank alert scam

Musa Ishaku, a businessman who has a shop at Utako Market, Utako, Abuja, was a victim of a fake bank alert on April 18, 2022.

he narrated how someone purchased musical instruments worth N145,000 and received a credit transfer alert but he didn’t know it was fake.

“I only realised I had been duped when I went to the bank to withdraw the money; I didn’t believe it at first because I was certain I had received an alert, but after further clarification by the bank staff, everything became clear to me,”

He said. Recently, 45-year-old Adewale Adesanya was arrested for generating fake bank alerts to defraud Point of Sale (PoS) terminal operators and business owners.

According to the suspect, these fake alerts were used to buy goods worth millions from unsuspecting individuals, and these dubious alerts were done by an application on his phone.

Fake credit alerts, one of the growing ways fraudsters now dupe business owners, have become a menace in many parts of the country. For established and budding entrepreneurs, the phenomenon is proving to be a threat posing a danger to their investments. Many PoS operators have become victims of the act in recent times. Here are what to know about fake bank alerts.

Our program known as ‘alert flashing’, has become a major source of concern to bank customers, and involves the use of SMS messages disguised as a transaction alert from a bank to defraud unsuspecting victims.

The fraudsters involved only need your phone number or account number to carry out their operations; without that information, it is impossible for them to send you fake messages, and when you eventually figure out what they’ve done, it would be impossible to track them.

The reason is that they have a dedicated SIM card; they figure out the same format your bank uses to send you credit or debit alerts and then copy and send to you.

that we had to make this article not to condemn the act but to show notify those of you in doubt how it works, yes, how fake bank alert works.

When you mention fake bank alert (flash funds) there are two types of fake alert

  1. Common fake bank alert that doesn’t reflect on available balance that is carried out using SMS Provider platforms like bulk SMS and the rest of them
  2. Main Fake bank alert that reflects on available balance using our software or APK version to execute it

Difference between Common fake bank alert and Main fake bank alert

The difference between Common fake bank alert and Main fake bank alert is that the common fake bank alert you will need to know the phone number the victim uses to receive bank notifications including credit and debit alerts before you can send the fake alert SMS using the SMS Provider platforms or app, the main fake bank alert you don’t need to know the victim’s phone number that is linked to his bank account which you want to use as the beneficiary of your fake alet payment.

All you need is just the victim’s bank account details such as

  • Bank name
  • Bank account number

With just above information it will validate the victim’s bank account name and load other informations you need just like when you want to send money to someone in India or Nigeria and you ask them for just their bank account number then ask them bank name the moment they tell you the bank name, open your banking app then goto send money to the person and select the bank name,

When you type in the bank account number it will show you the account holder’s name it is same thing with main fake bank alert (original).

So with Fake bank alert you basically need just the bank account number and bank name to carry out your flash funds transaction and it will reflect on available balance of your victim only That the money will disappear after some duration of time which you set depending on your fake bank alert license that you are using,

Stop Spending money on fake apps or SMS apps!

The reason you should stop spending money on SMS sender platforms or fake applications all in the name of “Fake Bank Alert” is that, when you attempt to send fake bank alert and the amount did not reflect on available balance you can be mobbed to death because alot of people are getting wiser now, you can check out our recent article on how to detect fake alert which is how small businesses even point of sale operators (POS) and the general public are using to detect fake alerts.

Remember they can only detect this if you use any of the fake apps below

  • Loftysms
  • Flash Funds APK
  • Cardro Pro APK
  • Xcaret100
  • (Any sms app or platform)
  • Any app from hackbanks website
  • Hustleupdate website
  • Banklogs
  • Hacklogs
  • Softwaremasta

There are many more other websites claiming to have flash funds or fake bank alert app by first claiming to give you the app to download freely and ask you to pay for “Activation Key” or “Activation Code” and at the end of it won’t give you want you really need, most of the reports we get from our recent customers is that they end up giving them loftysms to use which is dangerous and you might end up behind bars if you get caught.

Learn about red flags wise people look out for whenever they receive payment to ensure it’s real payment and not some sort of SMS message in attempt to swindle them, then you will understand how and why our program will save you for risks.

How FBA (fake bank alert app) will save you from death or jail time

FBA will actually save you from death, how it will? When you use fake applications or SMS apps to try carrying out fake alert in a market ever thought of what will happen if they find out and you get caught? angry mobs will hack you to death,

If the angry mobs or market people does not beat you to death police will arrest you and charge you for fraud and you’ll end up in prison cooling off which I’m so sure you do not want or doesn’t wish for yourself.

If you don’t want to have issues avoid wasting your money on above listed apps or websites and do it right,

Nobody needs your phone number to send you money and nobody receives credit alert without seeing their current balance or even spotting misspelt words or grammatical blunders. Learn more here,

When you receive payment you will actually see your available balance and also your name correctly spelt with updated amount for example

You formally had 100,000 in your bank account then someone sends you 50,000 you are supposed to see your available balance or current balance updated to 150,000 innit? That’s what we are talking about and how our program handles this for you? Our program is not just fake bank alert but actually has the ability for MT103 and updates to available balance of your victim that will enable you walk away freely without them knowing they will start to look for the money where it disappeared to.

Yes, the Fake bank alert of our program reflects on available balance of the victim’s bank account and it disappears at any duration you want.

Get our program and fix yourself up to running your fake alert without any risks or facing any challenges, that’s how to do fake bank alert in Nigeria but before you do that learn how it works here and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Share this!

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