How to send fake bank alert

Successful Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria [Watch Video]

If you’re a bad guy who is looking for a successful fake bank alert transaction video then you have found it, reason we tagged it “Successful Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria” is because the transaction is mainly for Nigerian bank account and we had to sensor the account details because of the FBA privacy policy and quality insurance of FBA customers privacy.

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Watch successful fake bank alert transaction video:

Details you need for the fake bank alert transaction

  • Bank account details of beneficiary
  • Know amount to send to beneficiary account
  • Decide the sending name (name if sender) which will appear on the alert when beneficiary receives the payment

After getting this informations next thing to do is to get the fake bank alert software here and Begin to use it for your fake bank alert transaction,

Fake Bank Alert Duration of delivery

Depending on the license you are using for the fake bank alert, you can check more flash funds information of the types of licenses here and find their durations of delivery then you decide which of them you want.

Transaction Limits of fake bank alert

The Fake Bank Alert transaction limit varies and you can find all the informations here along with the daily limit, meanwhile the transaction limits doesn’t apply to the professional license which is unlimited.

Benefit Of Fake Bank Alert professional license?

The fake Bank alert professional license comes with lots of benefits such as:

  1. Flash Funds
  2. Carding
  3. Unlimited transactions
  4. Fiat wallet
  5. Instant transaction reflection on available balance
  6. Download transaction receipt
  7. Check credit card available balance
  8. Carding

How To Get Fake Bank Alert | Flash Funds Software/App License

purchase the license here, you will see the the pricing as below screenshot, choose your preferred license and learn how to use it by watching above video. Learn how to get started with fake bank alert here, i hope this helps you accomplish your dreams and don’t forget to share.

What is Flash Funds?

flash funds is the same thing as fake bank alert, is the same thing either you call it fake bank alert ir flash funds but there is differences because, some reflects on available balance while some don’t.

What is carding?

carding is a way to remove funds from credit card or debit card without authorization from account holder whose credit card or debit card is linked to his/her bank account,

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Unlimited transactions

What we mean by unlimited transactions is that the transactions are not limited, you will run your transactions unlimitedly without stopping at any time

Fake bank alert Fiat Wallet

a dedicated wallet where the money you pull out from credit cards or debit cards go to which from there you can convert it to Bitcoin or Ethereum and sell it to any crypto currency exchange, below are recommended crypto currency exchanges to sell the crypto currency you convert on fake bank alert software

Instant flash funds transaction reflection on available balance

this helps your transaction gets confirmed instantly without delays on confirmation

Download transaction receipt 

we all know how important it is for us to get transaction receipt for our transactions whenever we send someone money, this always helps us get through our payment’s checkpoint.

Check credit card available balance

This is mostly beneficial to hackers using the software to run their transactions because this feature will help them to be checking credit card available balance before they run it to save themselves time.


This can only be unfamiliar to newbies, this especially that has no sufficient knowledge of hacking or never used such software before.

well, let me explain briefly, carding is a process which hackers or scammers use to withdraw money from bank account that isn’t their’s, this is generally called “Bank Fraud” which can land you some jail terms.

with this feature you can withdraw money from any bank account without having access to the account holder’s internet login details or authentication code/pin, All you need is to just get their card details (CVV, Expiry Date, Card Number), when you get this informations you are good to go.

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